At “EAST POINT SCHOOL”, we strive for academic excellence and the personal fulfillment that allows each of us to develop as a worthwhile individual, be an asset at home and to our loved ones, and a help to all members of our immediate community and to society in general.

OUR MOTTO: Knowledge for Peace and Unity

The logo represents our endeavour to sensitise the future generation through our students that we all have a responsibility to provide equal opportunities to all irrespective of cast, creed, religion and sex. We want to stress our faith in the fundamental and constitutional right to equality and opportunity to work towards an inclusive society. We hope to contribute in bringing about unity in diversity, which is the essence of the social fabric of our country.

Mission Statement

In the next three years, the school will be 80% energy efficient and a green school, setting a lighter carbon foot print by targeting the paper recycling to be 100%, composting of school’s own as well as neighbourhoods organic waste, minimal grid and maximum use of solar power, and sensitizing each & every child for preservation & conservation of resources. In the next two years, the school will promote English reading environment on campus and take up various activities to develop interest and reading habits in children. Various fun learning activities will also be undertaken to improve Mathematical aptitude; promoting Mental abilities for speed and skill.