Inter School Competition

Dragon flies

Dragonfly festival has been organised at WWF, Lodi Road from 8 th August to 31st August.
25 students from classes VI to VIII participated in the Dragon Fly festival organised at WWF, Lodi Road . Students watched a short movie and came to know about amazing world of Dragon flies through a presentation.
Students participated in the Poster making competition too on Dragon Flies on 13/8/2018 at WWF on the topic ‘ Habitat of Dragonfly ‘in Junior and Senior Category.
Aniket Pal of class VI  won Second Prize in Junior Category and Vansh Rautela of Class VIII won Consolation Prize in Senior Category.

Dragon Flies Champs
Dragon Flies Champs
Dragon Flies Champs

कविता वाचन

स्थल :- ससस म विद्यालया म.व् पह -१
दिनांक:- २४/०७/१८ प्रतिभागी :- अनुश्री आयुष वर्मा
दिनांक:- २४/०७/१८ को कविता वचन प्रतियोगिता में उपरोक्त छात्रों ने भाग लिया दोनों छात्रों ने अत्यंत उत्साह व् जोश के साथ प्रस्तुति दी.

निबंध लेखन

स्थल :- मदर्स मेर्री विद्यालय प्रतिभागी :- इंदु यादव अभिषेक
दिनांक १७/७/१८ को क्षेत्रीय निबंध प्रतियोगिता में उपरोक्त छात्रों ने भाग लिया निबंध प्रतियोगिता हेतु वरिष्ठ वर्ग के लिए विषय था "पानी का महत्व " एवं कनिष्ठ वर्ग के लिए विषय था "मधुर वाणी का महत्व" छात्रों को विषयानुसार तैयारी करवाई गयी थी सभी ने अपने अपने शब्दों में निबंध लेखन किया !

Photography Competition

                                                                                                       Click It Right!!!
Our school Students from IX-XII participated in DIGEX 2018, organized by Delhi Public School R.K Puramon 12 th May 2018. The students participated in photography based competitions. The competitionstested the student’s competency in photographic skills, creativity and other technical abilities. Theschool also organized workshops for students and teachers which exposed them to ways of clicking theright moment with the right equipment. Photography has come rather essential in the recent years andhence it becomes necessary how to do it correctly.


Gandhi Smriti

Students of East Point School were proud to get the opportunity of giving tribute to the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi who has always remained a symbol of virtues and greatness for people all over the world. The day of his assassination, January 30th is observed as Martyr’s Day. Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti organized a Prayer Meet on his 70th Martyrdom Day which was broadcasted live across India and 124 countries. Our team of 22 students were amongst the 19 schools selected from all over India to participate in the solemn event. They offered their musical homage to the Mahatma, by singing bhajans and songs written by Gadhiji himself. Akshat Mishra played the ‘Khartal’ for all the offerings of the day being a part of the core orchestral team. India being a secular nation, the event was ornamented by the prayers of different religions. To recognize the immense sacrifices made by Mahatma Gandhi, our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, Vice President Mr. Venkaiya Naidu and the Ex. PM Dr. Manmohan Singh were present at the event. To add to the spiritual fervour of the evening, Padam Shree Mr. Anup Jalota sang some mesmerising bhajans. Matryr’s Day was truly a day of ambivalent emotions of honour and pride.

Pledge to Save the Earth!!!

Climate change is a real threat to our world and it becomes imperative to educate the young minds with ways to shield our Earth from this fatal reality. Keeping this thought in mind, Indian Meteorological Department and Indian Meteorological Society in collaboration with Earth watch Institute organised a quiz for students.  Lavanya Bhatt, Ramita Rajesh and Shipra Das from class IX participated in this quiz which focussed on Montreal Protocol and Climate Change and was held at Mausam Bhawan. Air Marshal Dr Tyagi mentored the programme and took immense interest in explaining to the audience that it is the need of hour to rise for the sake of saving environment and protect it from perils.
Students also had the chance to watch how instrument is released in Stratosphere through balloon to collect the reading to identify the presence of Ozone in Environment.
The quiz was thrilling and also forced all to put their thinking caps and think about Climate Change and its threat.


Our talented students participated in an Inter-School Art Competition organized by Archaeological Survey of India held at Humayun’s Tomb, Delhi on 21st November 2017. It was a momentous day and was made so by Saksham Baurai of class VIth who among 250 participants from 21 schools bagged the 2nd prize for his artistic finesse.

Wild Wisdom Quiz

  Date                  Venue                Teacher In Charge             Participants
31-08-17             Siri Fort                Ms.Purnima                Priyanshu Jha (V), Aniket Pal (V)                                   
                         Auditorium                                        Aaromal Das (VI), Divyanshu Bisht (VIII)
27 Students from Classes III to VIII Participated in School Level "WWF" Wild Wisdom Quiz was conducted on 30th Sep,17.A multiple choice questions based paper was send by the wwf for Junior -III to V.Middle- VI to VIII groups.
Ms Reena Dutta and Ms Purnima Singh checked the question paper respectively for their groups.
Four highest Scorers,two from each group are selected and participated in City Level Quiz.
750 Students from Delhi,Utrakhand,and Uttar Pradesh participated in Quiz.In preliminaryround question paper were given and five teams were selected in each group.
Though the students could not make for the next round but answered in audience round and one of them get the prize too. 

Sanskrit Debate Shlok (Zonal)

  Date                  Venue                  Conducted by      Teacher In Charge          Participants 
05-08-17              RSKV                   Zonal Sanskrit            Ms. Sanjay                     Akshaya
                          Patpar Ganj                    Shlok                                                            Arun

Hindi Debate (Zonal)

   Date                  Venue           Teacher In Charge                 Participants 
28-07-17            JD SKV                 Ms. Sujata                   Amit Gaur, Yash Verma
                          Shakarpur                                                        Utkarsh, Shikha

Poster competition

   Date             Venue                           Conducted By       Teacher In Charge             Participants 
28-07-17     Modern School                      Save Tiger             Ms.Rita chauhan          Aditya Nair, Aarambh , Aditya Baweja (1st Prize)
                      Barakhamba                 Rally(Poster Comp.)                                          Anushree, Khushi, Shivangi 
The event was organised by 'Kid's for Tiger' under the guidance of Mr.Bitto Sehgal (Editor Sactuary Asia ) in Modern School. The programme included Short film,Rally and photography display,Poster Competition.Selected children of class VI, VII, VIII prepared posters with the theme Conserve Tigers out of which two posters were submitted  for the competition under Junior and Senior category.
our School Won 3rd Prize in Poster Competition under junior category prepared by Aditya Baweja of class VI_B.The aim of the event was to senselize the children towards the saving the tigers as they help in balancing the ecosystem and our national animal.Children enjoyed and program and took the pledge of spreading awareness in the school and neighbourhood. 

Hindi Poetry Competition (Zonal)

   Date             Venue                Conducted By       Teacher In Charge             Participants
25-07-17          RSKV                     Zonal Hindi                Ms.Sujata                        Sankalp
                      Shakarpur                   Poetry                                                         Chavi Verma

English Debate (Zonal)

    Date             Venue                Conducted By       Teacher In Charge             Participants 
24-07-17           RSKV                       Zonal                     Ms.Mettilda                Devika (Against)
                      Shakarpur                  Debate                                                       Muskan (Favour)
It was a Zonal level debate competition where two of our students went to RSKV,Shakarpur. It was lively session where students got to the opprtunity to get involved with the current happenings of the country.
"Demonetisation "- a huge move by our government , was apt topic for debate.

English Poetry Competition (Zonals)

    Date             Venue                Conducted By       Teacher In Charge             Participants 
19-07-17           RSKV                        Zonals                Ms. Mettilda                Vinayak Dangwal,  
                 East Vinod Nagar           Eng. Poetry                                               Nandita Suresh 

The above mentioned students were asked to prepare a poem to contest for the elocution competition Zonal, at RSKV, East Vinod Nagar.
The topic chosen was environment Both the students chose than poems and prepared themselves.They were taken to RSKV and had a memorable play as they interested some of the field poetry recitations. 
Vinayak Dangwal was appreciated his effort.
It gave not only experience but also guided the students better.

English Essay Writting (Zonal)

   Date                  Venue                       Teacher In Charge          Participants    
17-07-17     Queens/Mother's Mary          Ms. Suchita                Vishnu Manoj,  
                        Mayur Vihar                                                               Jhalak 
The participants from East Point School went to Mother Mary's School,Mayur Vihar Phase-1 to compete with a number of schools from delhi.
This was a Zonal level competition Conducted by CBSE.
The students of our school witnessed huge exposure by where they experienced a whole new picture of literary world. 

Hindi Essay Writting (Zonal)

 Date                   Venue                Conducted By       Teacher In Charge             Participants   
17-07-17         Queen's Mary         Zonal HIndi            Ms. Sujata                   Aanjanay, Anjali 
                                                           Essay                                                    Abhishek,Arushi
"ETHOS" Debate Competition 
Inter School Debate Competition 2017-2018

Painting Competition

Around 600 students in different categories (Group - Vth- VIIth, VIIIth-IXth, Xth- XIIth ) were participated there.
Participants came from Delhi NCR Schools.
Date             Venue                Conducted By       Teacher In Charge             Participants   
03-07-17          Nehru                 Jansankhya            Ms.Meenu Jain            Rishita Mehta, Vishnu Manoj
                    Planetarium            Sthirtha Kosh                                              Rabika Azmi, Rikesh 

Robotics Championship By Times Global Pvt.Ltd

Robotics Championship at Indira Gandhi international Stadium- IP State
9 Students participated at world Robotics championship with their robotic car under the "Junior Robotics " category.
Around 500 teams in different categories Junior and Senior Robotics, Robotic Race , Robo War,Soccer, Line Follower, water Rocket and drone Flying 
Participant Teams were from all over India and Abroad.
It was a very nice exposure and learning experience for the students. Students learned and observed the different type of robots, Their working capabilities and came to know about several new designs of robots.  

 Date             Venue                Conducted By       Teacher In Charge             Participants   
28-04-17         I.G Stadium       Times Global               Ms. Purnima            Aayush(VII),Rashi(VIII),Garvita(VIII)     
                                                      Pvt. Ltd.                                                   Aayush(VIII),Tushar(VIII),Yash(VIII)