Intra School Activities

Winter Carnival

East Point School organised Winter Carnival on December 22, 2018, a joyous and fun fille devent, which witnessed immense participation by students, their parents and public at large. Itsaw various competitions like Fancy Dress, Art, Music & Band and Dancing where studentsfrom our school as well as various other schools showcased their talents with joy and vigour.Various game stalls were put up at the carnival for the entertainment of visitors. Stallsoffering games like Lucky Dip, Snakes & Ladders, Dart, Hoopla, Bowling, Basket Ball,Hanging Hoopla with paper planes, Tambola, etc. attracted the visitors who took awaybundles of joy as well as gifts. Our Chairperson, Ms. Amita Gupta along with our Principal,Ms. Anubha Srivastava and Vice Principal, Ms. Mamta Aggarwal visited the stalls andplayed the games to energise the event further. The added attraction of the event was thestalls of jewelleries, winter apparels, women apparels (suits and sarees) and others.We also enjoyed plethora of lip smacking food items provided by various food stalls which included Indian chaat, Chinese delicacies, North-Indian cuisines, refreshing beverages, and many more.The event’s festivities concluded with the mesmerizing performances by the school band and dance group. The students put up an exquisite show of music and culture which filled the environment with serenity.The zest and zeal exhibited by an enthusiastic crowd of visitors and participants made the Winter Carnival 2019 a memorable one.

Anti Cracker Rally

70 Students from class IX ,15 NCC Cadets and 5 Teachers, participated in anti cracker rally conducted around the East Point School in Vasundhra Enclave. Students raised the slogans and carried posters and banners supporting 'Anti Cracker compaign' In School during asssembly students took pledge not too burst crackers in Diwali.
During rally students displayed 'Nukkad Natak' at DDA market in vasundhra enclave and spread the message that bursting crackers in harmful to environment as well as to the people those are preparing the crackers.BY not bursting the crackers we can ensure healthy air to breathe which is need of hour.
Overall the event was informative and involvement of the students was appreciable. 

Hindi Week

Hindi week was organized with great enthusiasm to pay tribute to the official language of India. Various events and activities like Hindi poem writing and reciting, slogan writing, vocabulary quizzes, storytelling etc. were organized. Students actively participated in the celebrations to raise awareness regarding the Hindi language. The aim behind the event was to mark and show respect towards our national language Hindi. The Hindi language is facing very rapid declination in front of various foreign languages and to understand the need of the mother tongues and its importance it is necessary to organize such events.

Hindi Week
Hindi Week
Hindi Week
Hindi Week
Hindi Week

Clay Modelling Competition

Young mind can think new and big. With play-dough the task becomes quite easy ,exciting and long lasting . To enhance the fine motor skills and creativity in children , a competition was held on 19 September 2018 wherein our children made beautiful snowman , caterpillar , snail , an aero plane, mickey etc. They enjoyed this activity very much

Dragon Flies Drive

As an extended  a part of DRAGON FLY festival organised at WWF, Lodi Road, a workshop titled as ‘ Be a scientist for one day’ was organised at East Point School.
    Ms Nazneen, who is has researched the length and breadth of Dragon Flies and is also penning a book on Dragon Flies in collaboration with WWF was the keynote speaker for the workshop.
    She exposed the existence of many amazing and important insects that breathe in the world around us. 
    During the nature walk with her in the school’s ground students spotted a dragon fly and came to know that is a migrated species.This novice experience was a treat indeed.


Math's Week

The following activities were done during math’s week
Number Line Activity:-using cardboard, students made their own small models of number line and represented positive and negative integers Parts of a Circle Activity:-Using organic sheets, Students were explained the various dimensions of a circle like sector, chord, segment using circular cut outs.
Quiz:-A quiz was conducted on whole numbers and playing with numbers using khan academy study material.
Presentation:- Students were shown presentation on the chapter basic geometrical ideas giving real life examples of  the various geometrical figures like rays, line segment etc.

Date 18.7.18
Quiz was conducted house wise. It had three rounds
 1. Central Tendency:-Student were asked questions based on mode, median, mean.
 2. Interpretation of charts/graphs:- Students were asked questions based on the pie charts, graphs shown to them using Ppt
 3. Rapid fire Round:- Students were asked questions where they had to calculate and analyze simultaneously.
 1st Position was tagged by Radhakrishnan House.

Inter House Competition

Quiz was conducted house wise. It had three rounds 1)Central Tendency – students were asked questions based on mode, median, mean. Interpretation of Charts/graphs: -students were asked question where they had calculate and analyse simultaneously 1st position was tagged by Radhakrishnan House.

हिंदी वाद विवाद

दिनांक १६/५/२०१८   कक्षा ९-१०  विषय:-आरक्षण रद्द करना चाहिए साहित्यिक सप्ताह के अंतर्गत हिंदी वाद विवाद प्रतियोगिता का आयोजन किया गया ! यह प्रतियोगिता सदंश थी, जिसमे प्रत्येक सदन से दो दो छात्रों ने भाग लिया सभी छात्रों का प्रदर्शन उत्साह वर्धक रहा ! विशेष रूप से स्वयंपाल (राधाकृष्णनन) विनायक(गाँधी) व् छवि(टैगोर) के प्रदर्शन को अतयंत सराहा गया विषयानुसार छात्रों ने अपना अपना पक्ष रखा व् जोश और उत्साह के साथ प्रतियोगिता में भाग लिया प्रथम स्थान :- पटेल सदन द्वितीय स्थान :- टैगोर सदन तृतीया स्थान :- गाँधी व् राधाकृष्णन सदन

Literary week

Literary and Literary week was observed in the school for session 2018-19 with students active participation. Tocreate interest of good literature following movies and PPT’s are shown to students Class VI- PPT of Enid bhyton Class VII – The cherry  Tree, Tiger in the house of Ruskin Bond Class VIII - PPT on RL Steven son, Video Clip of his short Story   Class X – PPT on life and work of O Henry and movie “The Gift of Magi” Class XI – The Help Class – XII – Movie inferno of Dan Brown It started with DEAR activity then PPT or movie with class discussion and reviews. Class VI online story of Enid Blyton. A book fair was organised by “Yound Angels” in school, students upto class VIII visit that fair.

Environment Exhibition

Chief Guest:- Dr.Sabata (Senior Scientist,Ministry of Environment)  Environment development organised an exhibition on topic ‘Say no to plastics’ on the occasion of Earth Day Activities conducted during the Earth Day Week in class I to X was displayed. Models depicting different Environment friendly practices were also presented and explained by the Eco Club Students from class 3rd to 5th recited a poem on Say no to Plastics Titled “Chhodo baat Purani”

Model United Nations MUN

Topic- Impact of Climate Change on World Heritage SitesThis time the MUN was not take up as a formal session but as a warm up session as a training session for the new children. Since we have introduced MUN to Class VIII also therefore it is important to make children aware about the rules the procedures of MUN, So in order to fulfil this task it was taken up as a warm up session The session started with showing with PPT to the children telling them it was followed by a formal session in between  explaining the students in between what is followed & how it is done .The same topic with the countries are given to the children now to do research work.

Class X English week Activities

Activities for English Week
Author- Thomas Hardy
Power point presentation on ‘Life and Works of Thomas Hardy’Students were shown some glimpses of the life lived by Thomas Hardy and his valuablecontribution to the English Literature
Movie- The Mayor of CasterbridgeThe movie adaptation of one of the famous works of Thomas Hardy, The Mayor of Casterbridge was shown to students of class X which chronicles the dramatic change ofan isolated, rural agricultural community into a modern city.
Writing Task On the basis of their observation of the movie, students were asked to write a description of any one character or scene from the movie.

Eng debate
Eng debate

What a ‘MATH-TAS-TIC’ day!!!

The IXth graders were in for a treat an exciting Math’s day Camp was organized for them on 21st November 2017.   The topic for the day camp was 'Mensuration in Daily Life'. The camp began with a PowerPoint presentation that broached the students about the different figures and shapes we see in day-to-day life, how to measure various parameters related to them and their uses. The PPT was followed by a worksheet to ensure recapitulation. Thereafter, children were divided into 16 groups. Each group was given a topic on which they researched and made striking charts, model or a PowerPoint presentation. The movie 'The Man Who Knew Infinity' was shown to the students which spells the life of the famous Mathematician S. Ramanujan. After lunch, the students gave a presentation in front of their peers about what they have made in their project earlier in the day. The children’s contribution and effort was commendable. The day camp ended with an exciting quiz on the movie in which the students participated whole-heartedly. 
All in all, the day camp was a great success with participation in full swing. 

‘ENGLISH all the way!!!’

With the theme ‘Creative Writing’ a day camp was organised for the students of class VIII on 23rd November. It started with a presentation on creative and effective writing in English enlightening students with techniques to write effectively. A workshop on creative writing by a renowned facilitator from Oxford University Press Ms. Sabina Pillai was next in the schedule. With its interesting activities the workshop gave a wonderful medium to the young minds to channelize and empower their creativity in writing.
Next the students were shown the movie “ The School of Rocks” which followed with a quiz . The students also participated in group activities like poetry writing, group discussion, debate, collage making, performing one act play and short story writing making the day a creative and enriching one for the students..
The students participated in each activity with great zeal and enthusiasm and made the day an eventful one.


It was a thrilling day for class 7th students as they attended the day camp specially crafted from them. The topic for the day camp was 'Climatic zones of Earth'. The camp commenced with a PowerPoint presentation that enlightened the students about the different climatic regions of the world describing their characteristics, natural vegetation, flora and fauna and many more useful information. The PPT was followed by a map activity. Thereafter, children were divided into two groups. Group A was accompanied to the library where they researched on two countries of their choice. The other group, Group B, watched documentaries on different regions of the world which was also a part of the research work. Right after the research work the students were given an hour to prepare their models and charts for the presentation round of the day camp. Children presented their models and charts group wise and did a commendable job!
Immediately after the presentation round, students gathered for lunch that they relished with their friends. The day camp ended with an exciting quiz and Tambola round in which the students participated whole-heartedly.
Such camps not only enrich but also equip the students with creativity and knowledge

UN International Day

Topic: protecting the rights of indigenous people
Committee: UNHRC 
Venue: AV Room
Guest/sponsored: lioness club members 
Mun club celebrated UN International day by conducting a mock UN session


Science Week Activities

Activities on 'Fun with Magnets' and 'Electricity and Circuit' were conducted during science week.
Activities on Acid Bases and salts.During this week students were shown demonstration activity as to know more about Acid Base and salt with the help of chemicals taken from laboratory.
for the preparation of Science Exhibition lot of the activities conducted.
Science Activities :-
BIO    -> Improvement in Food Resources
Chem -> Different separation technique was discussed.
Physics -> First Law of motion i;e low of inertia , carom board activity.
Display models of biology on topics- Sugar Science , Morphology of cockroach.

Robot making and their working 

Maths Week Activities

During the maths week the following activities were conducted.
The concepts of HCF and LCM was revised through Graphical method.This helped the students to get the concept more clearly and to identify the situations as to when to calculate HCF and LCM.
The mathematical operations on rational numbers was done with help of activity using grids.
Activity Polyhedrons :- Students made 3-D shapes and also polyhedron out of nets. The nets (2-D Frames) were also drawn and cut by students.
Activity on relation and function were conducted during Maths Week.

World Population Day

The main objective of observing world population day on 11th July is to enhance awareness of population issues, including their relations to the environment and development. So a Power Point Presentation was prepared by class XII (Humanities Students) under the guidance of Ms.Prantika Basu and showed to classes VI to XII in their HR Period.
Teacher In charge
Ms.Prantika Basu
(11th July,2017)

Class X Day Camp

On this day,"Day Camp" on personality Development was organised .The Day Camp began with a PPt on PD by school Councillor Ms. Nitika Mehra.It showed videos on famous people who failed in their early years but managed to excel in their field later on.
This was followed by Ted Talk videos of Barac obama (Ex USA President). Ms Rakhi took a short session on "getting motivated".Ms Asheena Grover,Our school Alumni head of the Jewellery Designing Department at PC Jeweller shared her experiences.   
Day Camp resumed with students in the activity area where students were divided into groups of 5 and given topics to perform on it.

Teacher In charge
Ms. Seema Dixit
(17th July,2017)

Intra School House Competition

   Date       Class     Teacher Incharge               Result 
 9-07-17     IV-V         Ms.Jyoti, Ms.Anju           1st   Tie:- Gandhi House and Nehru House 
                                                                         3rd :- Tagore House 
VI-VIII      Ms.Vinita,Ms.Renu         1st :- Tagore House                                  
2nd:- Nehru House 
                                                                          3rd :- Patel House    
19-07-17      IX-X      Mr.Lalit,Ms Famina          1st :- Nehru House 
                                                                          2nd:-Patel House
                                                                         3rd:- Radhakrishnan
20-07-17      XI-XII     Mr. Durgesh                   1st:- Patel House
                                                                          2nd:-Tagore House
                                                                          3rd:- Nehru Housez