World Health Day Celebration

On the occasion of world health day Dr. Vikas Bindal and Dr. Parul Bindal were invited to school who were also the parents of one of the students of class 5. They are dentists by profession who explained to the students about the importance of healthy diet to keep the teeth strong . They also gave tips on brushing techniques to avoid cavities . Students of class 3 attended the talk . The doctors also took round in few sections of classes 4 and 5 to make the students aware of brushing techniques. It was inspiring to see this set of parents so enthusiastic to share their expert knowledge with the students and we welcome more parents  to volunteer for such activities in school .

World Health Day

On 8th April 2019 World Health Day was celebrated. The activities aimed at increasing awareness and understanding about the importance of washroom etiquettes. The children of class 1 were shown videos about the ways to keep themselves healthy and hygienic. The 7 steps of washing hands were also shown through a video which was then followed by a handwash activity during the lunch break. The importance of washing hands using soap was told to the children. The children were happy to learn and they shared their experiences too.

Common noun and Proper noun activity

Common noun and Proper noun activity was done in the class for helping the students to grasp nouns used in generic ways or specific ways.

Science Activity Integrated with IT

The activity based on living and non living was conducted for class 3 students for helping them understand their surroundings.They were taken to the garden to observe things around them.later they went to the computer lab where they drew the pictures of living and non living things.

Primary- Annual Day

Our school, feted the endowments of each of its students in the ‘Annual Gaiety 2019’ on 16.03.19. Ms. Vaijayanti Savant Tonpe, an eminent children’s writer and an awardee of Indian Council for Child Education (ICCE) as well as the BhartiyaBalKalyanSamiti, graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. The guests this evening were welcomed by a walk-through displaying the activities conducted during the session, rightly named as ‘Year at a Glance’. Herein, the parents could actually spot their ward’s activities been put up and observe the kind of tasks their children are involved in various subjects throughout the year. The achievers and scholars were felicitated by the Chief Guest with awards thereby lifting their spirits high. The cultural extravaganza included the skating dance performance- ‘The Super Gliders’ presented by the students of classes II to V mesmerizing the audience by their stunts artistically posed on wheels. Children of class III also danced on a Marathi folklore. The play named ‘The Wizard of OZ’ was a complete theatrical experience with live choir and narration by the students of classes II to V voicing over the little actors. The audience enjoyed the sync and clarity of the presentment. The evening was lauded by the words of appreciation and encouragement rendered by the Chief Guest and the Principal Ms. Anubha Srivastava.

National Science Day

The National Science Day was observed at our school on February 28' 2019. As an impactful beginning, a talk was presented in the assembly regarding the reason and relevance of celebrating this day studding it with various experiments. Following this, all classes from Nur to V witnessed the demonstration of different experiments according to the respective class level. Each child participated in these experiments and thus got an individual understanding for the same.
Nur- Various states of matter using water as an example. KG- Water soluble & insoluble things   Class 1: The Lava Lamp (Checking the miscible/ immiscible liquids using oil, water and colours.)   Class 2: Float & sink experiments (Children tested the float & sink quality using day-to-day items as the eraser, sharpener, sponge etc.)   Class 3: Sun's effect on the size of shadows (Classes were taken out in the ground at two different times of the day in order to measure the difference in the length of the shadows formed both earlier and later.)   Class 4: Simple Machines around (Making models of simple machines as the pulley etc, observing such machines around in the school campus)   Class 5: Demonstrating the Magnetic Field  (Using bar-magnets)

Road Saftey - Nukkad Naatak

As an observance of the Road Safety Week at our school, a nukkad naatak was performed by the children of class 3. This performance included the instructions of avoiding some actions while being on road as well as helping the victims of accidents fearlessly.

Road Saftey - Quiz

The Primary department conducted a quiz dedicated to Road Safety wherein students were asked general questions based on basic safety measures to be taken on road, identifying the road signals and guessing the wrong deeds in the pictures. Children enjoyed answering in teams as competition enhances the fun factor of every activity and imparts learning effortlessly.

Fitness Week

East Point School celebrate sports week from 28th January'19 to 31st January'19. Classes IV-V learnt highly involving activities like ‘Ball Mastery’ and ‘Relay’.Sports strengthen a child both individually and as a part of a group. Thereby building both singular as well as social character of their own.

Budding Soil Scientist

Students of class 3 were taken out to feel the different textures of soil. They collected the soil samples from different places around the school and noted what all the soil contains and its uses.

Rock Sport Camp

Rock sport camp was organized for classes II to V. Various activities like zorbing, zip line , tug of war was organized for the kids. They enjoyed a variety of stimulating activities and challenges which  encouraged them to contribute to the best of their abilities to ensure the success of their group's activities. It was a fun filled day and children enjoyed a lot.  

Special Assembly - ‘Word Clines’

The concept of ‘Word Clines’ was introduced to the students of Class IV and V through small skit in the School Assembly. It was a beautiful presentation with the objective to encourage the students to explore new words and arrange them in order of strength, or how strongly they represent the idea. It was well received by our students and it enticed their creative minds to think out of the box.

Voting Day Activity

Students of Class IV Conducted polling activity to know the electoral system.

Woosh Story- Freezing Frames

The participants of class V from the ‘Clash of Characters’ activity were given an opportunity to present their own story- in a different way.The audiences had to interpret the thoughts going on in the minds of those characters.They were also asked to predict the end of the story.

Think Green Activity

“Let me clean ,air of my room” Learning about indoor plants and their benefits by class 1 students.

Maths Week

Students of class III made 2-D and 3-D figures during the math week by using clay . These activities helped the  Students to understand the concept of shapes.

Gandhi House Special Assembly

Gandhi House conducted a special assembly on 04.10.18 to make the primary children aware about the principles and values given by Mahatma Gandhi. A glimpse of life sketch of the   father of the nation  was presented through a  speech and poem by class II  and III. vChildren distributed book marks with Gandhian quotes to the whole primary wing as a “ Token Of reverence to their mentor”. vThe three monkeys along with a narrator took a round of all classes to give the message of  “SEE NO EVIL , HEAR NO EVIL , SPEAK NO EVIL”.

Speaking Tree Activity

Speaking Tree activity  organised on (17.09.18) fascinated children as it gave them ample opportunity to write to our Prime Minister about the cleanliness drive of our school.  They used simple thoughtful words to express their opinions about the fortnight drive to inculcate importance of cleanliness in day to day life.

भाषण प्रतियोगिता

दिनांक  २७ को भाषण प्रतियोगिता कराया गया l  जिसमें विज्ञान का महत्त्व ,कंप्यूटर के फायदे व नुकसान और योग का महत्त्व जैसे विषय दिए गए  छात्रों ने अपने पसंद के विषय पर भाषण दिए जिसके अंक भी दिए गए I सबसे ज्यादा बच्चों ने कंप्यूटर के बारे में बताया I कुछ बच्चों ने योगा दिवस के बारे में भी बताया I

Radhakrishnan House Assemblies (6th-27th Sept)

Students of R .K. House conducted assemblies during the month of September that included introduction of their mentor Dr. S.Radhakrishnan , word of the week , doha recitation on importance of teachers in our lives , awareness about importance of segregation of waste , skit on speaking good to others and elocution on ‘Taking care of our Earth'. 

Bandhni Activity

Our inquisitive learners of class IV got an opportunity to learn the skill of tie and dye(bandhni), a special art work from Rajasthan while reading the chapter "The great Indian desert" .

Integration of Science with IT

Students of class III draw  and colour the food chain, Road safety signs and label the parts of a leaf on the MS paint, they were excited to do it on their computers as Integration of Science topics with IT .

Swachhta Pakhwada Activity on "BEST OUT OF WASTE"

From 04.09.18 to 14.09.18 students of class 2 were involved in various activities  in Swachhta Pakhwada. They were shown video related to importance of cleanliness. They also did hand wash activity. They were made aware of water born diseases by showing them video. They were also shown how rainwater harvesting system works in school.

Tiger Day

International Tiger Day is celebrated every year to raise awareness for Tiger conservation on 29 July 2018. The objective is to promote a global system for protecting the natural habitat of tigers and to raise public awareness and support for tiger conservation issues. With this objective, The East Point School celebrated International Tigers day on 30 July with our class 1 students. Videos enhancing the cause of saving tigers were shown to the students followed by badge making activity to raise awareness and knowledge about the importance and role of Tiger.

Grand Parents Day Celebration

The students of class 1 celebrated the grandparents day on Wednesday  July 25, 2018. The event was held to honour and respect the grandparents and included a number of programmes performed by the little ones like a song, dance and band performance. It was a fun filled day and everyone enjoyed themselves.

Investiture Ceremony (IV-V)

The junior investiture ceremony was held on 21 July, 2018. It was a much awaited day as the junior house marshals and coordinators were officially taking up the responsibility of leading their houses on the right path.
The event began with the welcome of the guest. Ms. Vandana Verma, a research officer with ministry of rural development, Government of India and an active PTA member. The students of class IV and V performed a prayer dance, followed by a motivational poem- ‘Try Try again’ and then by a peppy hindi song ‘choona hai hame aasmaan’ encouraging all to aim high and to keep trying. Soon the marshals and coordinators marched in with flags of their respective houses. The marshals shared their vision for their houses as well as school. Then the chief guest badged them and congratulated them for their achievement and also encouraged everyone to put in their best always.
Following this was a song , ‘we’ve become leaders today’ describing the feelings of the badged marshals and coordinators. Principal ma’am, Ms. Anubha Sirvastava gave the vote of thanks and the event ended with the national anthem, This was undoubtedly a platform to make children aware that leaders have certain powers, but at the same time they have a huge responsibility too.

Republic Day Celebration

The students from classes 1, 2 and 3 celebrated the 69th Republic Day on the 25th of January, 2018. A variety of programs were performed by them which included songs like 'We shall overcome', medleys and dances.

'Diwali Bazaar'

The children of class 1 had a beautiful Diwali celebration. They performed a dance and a poem recitation which was appreciated by all. Followed by this they were taken to a 'Diwali Bazaar' (specially organised for them) where they were involved in a number of activities like diya decoration, card making, toran making and rangoli designs. Once they completed their tasks, they were then provided with a token which they exchanged for muffins. It was a fun filled day and the children enjoyed it thoroughly.

Trip to Bal Bhawan

The students of class 1 were out for an educational trip to Bal Bhawan on Friday 8th of September 2017. It was a fun filled day with lot of activities for the little ones. They learnt about clay pottery, warli art, handicrafts and also enjoyed a train ride. They also visited the fish aquarium and were very fascinated. 

bal Bhawan
bal Bhawan
bal Bhawan
bal Bhawan
bal Bhawan

Day Camp "WOW" (Wonders of Water)

To make learning fun, the students of class I had a fun filled Science Day Camp "WOW" (Wonders of Water) on Friday, August 25th 2017.The children learnt about the importance of water by way of a number of activities including videos, science experiments, puppet show (showcasing the concept of evaporation and condensation) and rain dance. They also made stick puppets of water animals which were given to them as mementos to mark the day.