Workshop for Maths Department

Resource person :- Mr.Hukum Singh Date :- 4th Aug,2018
Subject expert Mr.Hukum Singh has an interactive session with the teachers of maths department.He discussed various problems of classroom which teachers face while dealing day to day with students.Sir,addressed solution to teachers.Also took follow up of the previous discussions. Maths Teachers from pre-primary, Primary, Middle,Senior, all attended the workshop.Teachers were satisfied by the methodologies he told.He had been a good guide & contributed a lot in improving the result of school.

SLF on Role of theater in Education

Date :- 3rd August,2018 SLF was prepared by team members of teachers :- Purnima Ms.Veni and Ms.Shweta
to sensitize the issues of importance of theater in Education. It Started with a video where some school children were demonstrating the concept of profit and loss by the medium of role play which was followed by a power point presentation on the same given by all the team members. It included all the team members. It included all the aspects of theater in education of children from pre-primary to senior sections. All the teachers were given a task to prepare a short demonstration on the topics given in the presentation. The session ended with a thank note.

Think Tank

Resource person: Mr.Deepak Gupta East Point School organised a think tank session on the topic ‘Energy Transition’ the talk was headed by speaker Mr. Deepak Gupta Sir discussed about various statistical data & position of India admist them. Data like TERI research proposed that electricity will increase by 3 times in coming years. Currently two third of electricity is generated by coal & 75% by solar & wind. Decentralization of solar power by solar pumps will introduce more employment along with the use of renewable sources of energy. The talk lasted for 30 min followed by an interactive session were ignited minds (Students) asked questions. Talk was very frank & every one shared their views including the members of managing committee. Students shared their information about inventions based on renewable sources of energy made in past years. The session ended with a thank note.

Orientation for Accountancy Teachers

Resource person: mr.D.K.Goe The workshop was organised by APC books. The registration for the workshop started at 8:30 a.m. the workshop started at 9:00 a.m. and following topics were discussed: 1] Introduction of GST 2] Changes in cash flow statement 3] Death of a partner 4] Issue of shares The workshop ended at 1:30 p.m, followed by lunch. The workshop was very informative and help us understand all the changes made I the syllabus, specially the introduction of GST and its accounting treatment

Hygiene awareness for girls

Resource person: Ms.shweta tripati Date: 16-7-2018 School organised a ‘hygiene awareness workshop for girls’ to teach them the basis of cleanliness of private parts. The resource person shared her knowledge of checking the symptoms of breast cancer through a ppt. she explained the various steps involved in the process of checking. Initially the girls were bit hesitant and not comfortable, but the resource person kept on encouraging the girls. She made sure that girls are comfortable and are confident about their bodies.

Leadership skills and RACI matrix

Date-5-7-18 There was a workshop conducted by Ms.lavlesh from IIT, Delhi for coordinates and team leaders based on challenges faced by them He talked about various practical tools and strategies require to improve to improve the leadership capacity of coordinators how to develop high performing teams and collective genius. He discussed that “leadership preparation, training and support is critical”. According to him, ‘it’s as important that we have well-trained administrations.” He further discussed about RACI matrix which helps to map out who is responsible, is accountable, must be consulted with, and shall stay informed. It is especially useful in classifying roles and responsibilities in cross functional departmental projects and processes

NCF 2005

Date: 29-6-18 There was a workshop conducted by Dr.Hukum Singh, professor of mathematics, NCERT, on the guidelines of NCF for the teaching staff of East Point School. He talked about the purity of mind and soul on the part of teachers as well as parents to nurture the students. He discussed about the NFC’s focus on ‘learning without burden’ to makr learning a joyful experience. Connection of knowledge with the outside life.also development of a sense of self-reliance and dignity of individual. He ended with a note on the truthfulness and pureness on the part of teachers could instill values and ethics in children

Value Education

Date:28th june,2018 SLF was organised by the team members of teacher –Ms.Mamta Aggarwal,Ms.Ritu Goel,Ms.Metilda to sensitise the issue of importance of value education and ways to integrate it in classroom started with the video highlighting the consequences of missing education among youth, followed by the ways by which it can be inculcated. Value education is associated with those different fedagogies, methods that teachers or educators use in order to create learning experiences for students when it comes to value questions. the value and attidudes are live by affect how we relate to other people and to all our activities in the environment. Many useful ways were discussed along with the values to be imbilied like sense of humanism, a deep concern for the well-being of others and nation etc.


Click It Right!!!
Our school Students from IX-XII participated in DIGEX 2018, organized by Delhi Public School R.K Puramon 12 th May 2018. The students participated in photography based competitions. The competitionstested the student’s competency in photographic skills, creativity and other technical abilities. Theschool also organized workshops for students and teachers which exposed them to ways of clicking theright moment with the right equipment. Photography has come rather essential in the recent years andhence it becomes necessary how to do it correctly.


Preventive healthcare - “Thoughtful eating

A workshop on preventive healthcare was conducted on 4.5.18 for the teachers. The highlight of the workshop was “Thoughtful eating " conducted by Medi-skool, a preventive healthcare company, which helps people in achieving optimal health through early diagnosis and lifestyle modification programme. The speaker  Dr. Priti Nanda Sibal interacted with the teachers by discussing about unhealthy eating, hidden health issues, food meditation  and briefing them about the concept of  thoughtful eating. The workshop was conducted in A.V room and involved 1 hour of information and fun filled activities.

Teachers as mentors by Mr.Kamalneet and Ms. Ritik

The speaker here spoke about the need to be happy and shared  ways to remain happy in the turbulent times . They  shared simple techniques like dancing that releases dopamanie , is a happy hormone. They conducted some activities and shared the importance of it. For example – he asked the teachers to speak some tongue twisters. The importance behind it is was to improve fluency. He conducted activities which would help one to sharpen one’s  memory.  He expressed the need to wake up with positive thoughts to stay happy and positive all day and allows a better thought process and  removes the negativity. He concluded the workshop by doing some activities and also by giving a task to the teachers  to go and find out from students  what are the things they have gratitude for and what is their biggest strength and biggest reliever. What a great way to begin the session….Happy beginnings, Happy endings!!!


Teachers as leaders- Ms.Monisha

The speaker explained the basic qualities a teacher should posses with greater focus on various learning methods and techniques which are helpful for nurturing teacher-student relationship. Qualities like leadership, enthusiasm, one vision for the entire year, planning and preparing for the classes, attitude and positive thinking and believing in students, were discussed. Teachers were categorized as those who undertake responsibility of a student’s progress and those who leave it to the student to revise. The speaker highlighted the importance of vigilance in tracking a student’s performance. Educators were introduced to the ‘5 senses methodology’ highlighting the methods to trigger a student’s learning by focusing on three main receptors - audio, visual and kinesthetic. She spoke about the Pygmation effect and also how to build trust and expectations from children.She concluded the workshop with a small activity and gave examples and also told us how important it is to bring humor in class.This workshop provided the much needed inspiration to the facilitators.

Microsoft Tools

A workshop on Microsoft Tools was conducted  on 26.3.18 for the teachers. The highlight of the workshop was the usage of Microsoft 360 and the software in it like- One Note, Skype, Sway, Microsoft Edge Exchange, Lync, Microsoft Power Point (new version with subtitles, One Drive, etc. The speaker explained the multifaceted benefits of these software such as wider accessibility, increased memory storage (upto 1TB), improved document organizing and tracking etc. With the use of these advanced programs such as One Note, teachers can upload notes online allowing students at access them from their homes. Similarly, Sway assists in creating slides with a focus on the content and use comparisons like before and after. She concluded the workshop by recommending  a course for teachers –technology basic.


CBSE Science Exhibition

Students participated were Lavanya Bhatt, Muskaan Singh, Ramita Rajesh & Navya Supriyan of class IX – B. exhibition was headed on Digital and technological solutions, resource management and food security, health and well-being, mathematical modelling, transport and communication and waste material and water body conservation. Our school participated under the theme resource management and food security under sub themes-
  a. Plant electricity 
  b. Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and insecticidal properties of marigold.
Eminent judges were – Dr. K.K.Nathan, Dr. Rajni Kukreja, Dr. V. Ventakraman, Dr. Yogesh Kumar, Dr. Neha Sharma, Dr. Ayyapan. 
50 students from classes VII and VIII and IX visited to see exhibition on 10 January 2018 with the teachers. Students observed the exhibition and learned about the innovations of students in different fields. Through this event, a platform was provided to the students where they got exposed to knowledge of science beyond the textbooks.

Sci Exhi.
Sci Exhi.
Sci Exhi.
Sci Exhi.
Sci Exhi.
Sci Exhi.

Metals Workshop

East point school had organised a metals workshop on the 16 th December 2017. The speakers for the programme were Mr.L Pugazenthy and Mr. S.C Suri. Mr. Pugazenthy spoke about the transformation of the role of metals from Iron Age to Nano Age. While Mr. Suri laid emphasis on the activities and services provided at IIM. Our school received books and momento from IIM which was presented to us by Mr. S.C Suri

MS Pics
MS Pics
MS Pics

Microsoft WorkShop

‘Empowering a Brighter Future’-
by Ms. Suman Chawla (Microsoft Learning Consultant)
Date: 1/12/17          Venue-Computer Lab
The workshop aimed at addressing the pain points of the teachers. It’s been said that ‘teachers might be replaced by technology in the near future’. This statement is hyperbolic as the correct framing would be- ‘The teachers in sync with the technology will replace the teachers who are not.
- According to the Anthony Salcito, the Vice President ‘Technology for Inclusive Education in India’, the use of technology in education should be to devise strategies to keep the children engaged
- Digital transformation is the next industrial revolution. The gap between the physical and digital images is blurring day by day. The old methods cannot be solely continued nowadays
- The whole world is changing and in this world, CLOUD and BIG DATA are the latest terms in use. These relate to infinite storage space fulfilling the need of the time
- The use of technology has made things/ issues more transparent and simpler than before. One example is Demonetization whereby people were asked to go online for financial transactions in order to bring transparency in their records
- Today there is a ‘Skill Gap’ of about 70-72% in India and China where people have the job but not the skill apt for it
- 5Cs are the most prominently talked about terms these days:
1.      Creativity & Imagination
2.      Critical Thinking
3.      Communication & Leadership
4.      Citizenship
5.      Collaboration & Digital Literacy
Among these the Digital Literacy is a Fluid Skill which flows from one learner to the other smoothly.

MS Pics
MS Pics
MS Pics


30 students of Robotics Club visited National Science Centre to attend a Robotics workshop. Students worked on Lego kits and programmed the artificial brain of the Robotic Car.

Robotics Workshop
Robotics Workshop
Robotics Workshop


Vinayak Dangwal and Shreyan Shukla were privileged to participate in a talk with NASA ASTRONOMER , Dr Henry Throop at American Centre , Delhi on 24/08/2017.
The topic of the talk was " ARE WE ALONE IN UNIVERSE " based on ASTRO BIOLOGY.

Nasa Astronomer Workshop
Nasa Astronomer Workshop
Nasa Astronomer Workshop

Preparation for Board Exam by Mr.Vimal Gupta

Workshop:- How to score 95% marks in Board Exams by Mr.Vimal Gupta of carrier leaders for commerce and humanities streams of class XI & XII was held on 24th Aug,2017.Tips for cracking Boards and preparation for exams were given.

Board Exam Preparation
Board Exam Preparation
Board Exam Preparation

Goods And Services (GST) Workshop

Goods And Services (GST) Workshop  for class XI and XII (Commerce Stream) was held on 22nd Aug,17. The Resource person was Mrs. Mehak Aggarwal from Success Mantra. Students were made aware of the system of direct and indirect taxes which have been replaced by GST. 1211 commodities have been put under 0%, 5%, 12%, 18%, and 28 % slabs. It was a good learning experience which also clarified the bases of GST. 


"Changes In Syllabus In Accountancy"

On 15.07.17 workshop conducted by CA.(Dr.) G.S. Grewal & R.K. Khosla at Islamic Center Lodi Road, Delhi. The main purpose of this workshop was to make aware about the recent changes in the syllabus in Accountancy.

Expectations from a Future Ready School

On 29.06.17 workshop conducted in AV room by Ms. Vandana Sharma, Ms. Mettilda, and Ms, Stuti Sahoo in order to plan and implement personalized, research based digital learning strategies.

Tie and Dye - By Hindustan Times

On 12.05.17 HT conducted a workshop for class VII students & Art the senior art room. It is based on the values of traditional art and creativity in the students. They learnt the skills of tying and dying with the Acrylic (Fabric) colours and without flame.

Career Opportunities - BY Ms. Kritika Atreya

On 11.05.17 the resource person Ms.Kritika Atreya conducted a workshop based on " How to do a start up of your own and become an entrepreneur",her presentation describing her experience in East Point School as a student as she has passes out this school in 2010.

Robotics - By Technicians from Avishkar Box.

On 30.03.17 workshop was conducted  by Technicians from Avishkar Box at Sri Ram School, Moulsari Gurugram.Technicians taught the assembling and working of robotics cars manually and through programming. 

Life in Space-By. Prof Alok Vahia

On 06.04.17 workshop was conducted at Nehru Planetarium by Prof.Alok Vahia from Tata Memorial Research Centre, Mumbai on " Life in Space". He explained about whether life in space is possible or not.

"Awareness Program - On Dangers of Tobacco"

On 07.04.17 awareness program was conducted by 'SHARP' for the students of class XI. The speaker explained the ill effects of smoking via a presentation which gave knowledge to the students about the various constituents of a cigarette and how it harm the body.

"Development of E-Content In Commerce" - BY NCERT

NCERT organized 5 days workshop from (27.03.17 to 31.03.17) based on development of E-Content in Accountancy and in relation to work entrusted to it by Department of school education and Literacy, MHRD, Government of India.

Maths and EVS (Related to Resources, Kits)

On 25.05.17 workshop was conducted by Ms. Anju Sharma & Ms. Richa Sinha for teachers of classes I-V based on how to use the activity kits and various other resources that are available in the resource room.Like:- Ganit Mala, Fraction kit, Abacus kit etc.

Jolly Phonics - By Ms. Mallika Juneja

On 23.07.17 A workshop was conducted in I C for teachers of Classes Nur-V . 42/44 sounds instead of 26 letters were shown.More emphasis was placed on phonics,letter formation,blending letters,identifying sounds in words and tricky words.This workshop helped teachers to understand teaching of phonics in a class room situation. 

NIE-Mask Making - By Ms. Sadana

On 04.05.17 Ms. Sadhana from NIE conducted the workshop for mask making for class V. She taught children to make a beautiful mask using simple things like Wasted Papers,Sketch Pens,Glue and Sissors. 

Health - By Dr. Anshuman Kumar

On 21.04.17 teachers of our school were privileged to have an opportunity to attend a workshop so eye-opening that shook all up to the roots. Facts often under known and misunderstood about the deadly Cancer,were clarified. Dr. Kumar asked everyone to focus on four fatal diseases.- Hypertension, Diabetes, Heart diseases and Cancer.  

Read To Me - By Ms. Kalpana

On 30.03.27, Ms. Kalpana introduced the teachers of classes Pre-Primary to V with their newly advanced 'Read To Me' software. This is a new product with retained simpler tools. The teachers are expected to take at least three periods a week regularly.

An Open Mind (SLF) - By Ms. Anubha Srivastava

On 29.03.17 our Principal Ma'am came up with an insightful exposition dealing with the routine classroom issues faced and posed by the teachers.

Oxford /CBSE - By Gayatri Khanna

A workshop notifying the changes in the marking scheme of classes VI-IX was organized at our school on 23.07.17 in the Maths Lab. We also came to know that from next year onwards, classes VI and VIII will have their external exams.