Upcoming Events

PTM will be held on 23/03/2019 (Saturday).   Download
16th March,19 Junior Annual Day   Download
9th March,19 Graduation Day for Nur-KG-I   Download
2nd March,19 PTA Event-Teachers Vs.Parents Competitions.   Download
1st March,19 School Reopens for X and XII   Download
Value Week 25th to 28th Feb,2019   Download
PTM will be held on 23/02/2019 (Saturday).   Download
Final Examination Ends for class IV,V IX and XI on 18thFeb,2019   Download
Class I Field Trip on 8th Feb,2019   Download
Field Trip for Nur and 1st on 5th and 6th Feb,2019   Download
Health Week 28th,Jan,2019   Download
Artist of the Year (Jr) on 24th Jan,2019   Download
Voter Literacy week 21st Jan,2019   Download
Practical Exams Starts from 19th Jan,2019   Download
PT 4 VI-VIII , Pre Board Mock Test and Special Class for IX,X from 7th Jan,2019   Download
Alumni Meet 2018 on 28th Dec,2018   Download
Winter Carnival on 22nd Dec,2018   Download
Christmas Special Assembly on 21st Dec,2018   Download
Science Quest (VI-IX) on 20th Dec,2018   Download
English Quest (VI-IX) on 19th Dec,2018   Download
Maths Quest (VI-IX) on 18th Dec,2018   Download
Aptitude test (Class X) on 18th Dec,2018   Download
Senior Sports Day on 15th Dec,2018   Download
Senior Sports Day Prelims on 13th Dec,2018   Download
Excellence in Hindi (Final Round) on 11th Dec,2018   Download
Practical Exams (X & XII) Begins from 12th Dec,2018   Download
PTM (Nur-IX &XI) will be held on 08/12/2018 (Saturday).   Download
Periodic Test starts for class IV-IX&XI and Mock test for class X-XII on 26th Nov,2018   Download
Class VII Day Camp 19th Nov,2018   Download
Class IX Day Camp 15th Nov,2018   Download
Children's Day Celebration 14th Nov.2018   Download
Nehru House Special Assembly 12th Nov.2018   Download
Diwali Special Assembly (Juniors) 5th Nov.2018   Download
Anti Cracker Rally 3rd Nov.2018   Download
Patel House Assembly 29th Oct.2018   Download
United Nation Day (MUN) 25th Oct.2018   Download
Inter House Competitions 24th Oct.2018   Download
Maths Week 22nd Oct.2018 to 26th Oct.2018   Download
Dussehra Break from 17th Oct.2018 to 20th Oct.2018   Download
Senior Annual Day 13th Oct.2018   Download
Gandhi House Special Assembly 1st Oct.2018   Download
HIndi/Sanskrit week from 24th to 29th Sept,2018   Download
Half Yearly Exam begins from 7th Sept.2018   Download
Practical end on 6th Sept,2018   Download
Practical Exams Begins from 1st Sept,2018   Download
Janmasthami Assembly on 31st Aug.   Download
Yoga Camp on 29th Aug.   Download
Rakshabandhan Holiday   Download
Field Trip for class I on 21st Aug.   Download
Field Trip for class V on 18th Aug.   Download
Field Trip for class IX on 17th Aug.   Download
Day Camp for Class II on 16th August   Download
Field Trip for class X on 10th Aug.   Download
English Quest on 9th August for class IV-IX   Download
Day Camp for Class XI on 7th August   Download
ETHOS 26th & 27th July   Download
Inter House Competition   Download
Class VIth Day Camp   Download
Van Mahotsav 2nd July to 7th July   Download
International Yoga Day 21st June,2018   Download
Workshop for Student Council on 23rd May   Download
PTM will be held on 19th May   Download
Library Week Activities 8th-11th May   Download
PT-1 Commences from 1st May   Download
Investiture Ceremony on 21st April,2018   Download
Intra School MUN on 17th April,2018   Download