Eminent Visitors

Ms. Anupriya Deotale

The Famous Langa's Group

Ms. Sharon Lowen

Ms.Meenakshi Pahuja

Dr. Sunil Sondhi

Annual Day Chief Guest

Pt.Vishwa Mohan Bhatt

Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, also known as V. M. Bhatt (born 27 July 1950), is Grammy-winning Hindustani classical music instrumentalist who plays the Mohan veena (slide guitar).

Mr.Ram Kumar Mishra

Indian Ram kumar Mishra is an Indian tabla player.He belongs to Banaras Gharana. Some of the awards he has received are: Taal Mani Award. Haridas, Mumbai. Laya Bhaskar, Natraj Cultural Centre, Melbourne, Australia. Tabla Shiromani, Government of Bihar. Award from Darwin, Australia

Mr. Aaryan Salman

Chief Guest in ETHOS(Debate)

Ms.Anjali G. Sharma

Chief Guest in ETHOS(Movie Making)

Mr.Gagan Gupta

Chief Guest in ETHOS(Science Symposium)

Mr. Sunil Singh Kushvaha

Chief Guest in ETHOS (Science Symposium)

Mr.A.K Singh

Chief Guest in ETHOS (Gardening)

Mr. Abhshek Srivastava

Chief Guest on the celebration of Independence Day

Mr. Rajeev Kumar

Chief guest on the occasion of Annual Senior Sports Day

Mr.Rajni Kant Garg (Management Committee Member)

Chief Guest on the occasion of Annual Senior Sports Day

Mr.Bhim Sain Bassi

Mr.Bhim Sain Bassi, Member of UPSC and Ex- Commisioner of Delhi Police was the Chief Guest.


Chief Guest in Investiture Ceremony

Guru Singhajit Singh & Charu Shreya Mathur

Spic Macay in East Point SchoolRajkumar Singhajit Singh was born in a family of dancers and musicians in Manipur.Early in life,he was fortunate to receive his dance education from the finest gurus of Manipuri dance,starting with ‘Guru Ojha Iboton Singh’ (1942–46) for Pung (drum), followed by ‘Guru Amubi Singh’ (1948–54) – Jagoi; ‘Guru Thambal Angou Singh’ (1950–52) - Kartal Chalom; ‘Guru Chauba Singh’ (1952–53) - Kartal Chalom; and with ‘Guru Ojha Gaura Singh’ (1952–53) from whom he learned the martial arts with Sword & Spear,and soon established himself as a dancer, choreographer and artist of repute

Mr. K. Vaidyanathan

Personality Development

Mr. R-Robinson

Mr. Biswajit Roy Chaudhary

Prasenjit Adhikari