East Point School, Vasundhara Enclave recently hosted its annual sports day on 25.2.2023, a day that was filled with excitement and enthusiasm. The school ground was decorated with colorful banners, balloons, and flags, and students were seen dressed in their sports uniforms, eagerly waiting to showcase their athletic abilities.The event started at 9 am with the arrival of the chief guest, Group Captain Shahrukh Shamshad (Retd.) who was welcomed with a floral presentation. The school flag was then unfurled, and the March past began, wherein the students from all the houses marched past the chief guest, the chairperson, Ms. Amita Gupta, the manager, Ms. Vandana Sood, the principal, Ms. Archana Shrivastava, the vice principal, Ms. Prantika Basu and the other dignitaries present. Throughout the March past, the students displayed unity and sportsmanship, where each house tried to outdo the others with their synchronized movements and impeccable posture. It was a moment of pride for the school community as they witnessed their students’ dedication and hard work. The torch lighting ceremony followed the March past, where the school’s sports secretary, Rudra Singh Negi lit the torch, symbolizing the start of the sports day. The students then took an oath to participate in the games with honesty and integrity.

The release of balloons marked the official opening of the sports meet, which was declared open by the chief guest. The sports events began with various track and field competitions like the 100-meter race, 200-meter race, 400-meter relay, Obstacles race, long jump, and so on, which saw some impressive performances by the students. Apart from the traditional sports events, the school also organized some unique activities like a rhythmic yoga class for class 6 and a dumbbell aerobics drill for class 8. The students of class 7 gave a stunning dance performance while students from classes 9 and 11 displayed their talents in Taekwondo and Pyramid.

The sports day at the East Point School not only provided the students with an opportunity to showcase their sporting talents but also taught them important life skills like teamwork, perseverance, and fair play. The event was a celebration of the school’s commitment to holistic education, where physical fitness is given equal importance alongside academic excellence.

The highlight of the event was the prize distribution ceremony, where the winners of each event were awarded medals and trophies. The chief guest and the principal gave away the prizes, and the students cheered their peers on. The chief guest delivered a vote of thanks, commending the students for their sportsmanship and congratulating them on their achievements. The principal congratulated all the staff members for making the sports day a resounding success, commended the students who had put in a lot of effort to make it a memorable event, and wished them all the best in their future endeavors. The program culminated with the national anthem.


EAST POINT SCHOOL commemorated its Annual Function on the theme, ‘Chitrangada’ – The story of the Warrior princess of the secluded kingdom of Manipur and an exhibition on ‘Manipur during Epic Era ‘on 20 October 2022 amidst great zest and elation. Ms. Vrinda Sarup, a retired IAS officer was the esteemed Chief Guest. The program was commenced by lighting the lamp by the honourable Chief Guest escorted by the Chairperson, Ms. Amita Gupta, the Principal, Ms. Archana Shrivastava and the other dignitaries. This was entailed by Ganesh Stuti. Further, the School’s Annual Report for the session (2021-2022) was given by the Principal. 

The award ceremony was taken forward to appreciate and motivate the students by felicitating the prizes to the meritorious pupils of the school for the session 2021-22.

The play began after a mesmerising welcome song by the students which was a perfect combination of Classical, Kathak, and Folk dance. The students absorbed themselves very well in the characters that the play performance was spellbound and was giving an element of reality. The dance performances in between the story depictions were well applauded by the audience. The students successfully captured the attention of the audience with their zeal. A group song based on the theme was a soul-stirring depiction of women’s empowerment.

This left the audience spellbound. The program further proceeded with a vote of thanks to the entire staff who worked relentlessly to make this occasion a hit. The program culminated with the national anthem.



Continuing with the fervour and festivities of Har Ghar Tiranga Campaign under ‘Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav’ – celebrating 75 years of Independence, the students of class VII  hoist national flag atop of their houses.The campaign infused patriotism among the students and paid tribute to our freedom fighters.



Health forever is of paramount importance and Yoga is clearly established as a means to it.
So on the occasion of International Yoga Day, the students and staff  of East Point School conducted a Yoga session.
The session conducted by our Yoga Teacher Ms. Archana Yadav , included basic asanas for better posture and also strength.
The principal, Ms. Archana Shrivastava spoke about incorporating Yoga in daily life regime to bid adieu to basic ailments.

Hoping that this change becomes a practice.


“A mother understands what a child does not say.” 

To celebrate the bond of love between mother and the child ,Mother’s day was celebrated on 6th May 2022 by KG children through various activities like dance, musical expressions and action song. Mothers  also patricipated in quiz,song,fireless cooking and different art and craft activities and spent their time well.


“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”
-John Quincy Adams

Responsibility is indeed a powerful and also worthwhile tool that teaches not only accountability but also self transformation. East Point School always tries to let each child lead in some capacity and understand and follow the challenges and rise out as victors. The annual Investiture Ceremony was organized on 23rd April 2022 in the school ground with the solemn purpose of vesting our members of the newly appointed Student Council with their respective duties and responsibilities. The day was graced by the reverend Chief Guest Brig Arvind Kumar, who with his poised presence and eloquent words encouraged and guided the students for the journey ahead. The day began with the divine lighting of the lamp and followed by the choir singing two meaningful songs DREAM DREAM & CHHUNA CHAHE HUM , with the purpose of motivating our leaders to dram high and not stop till you reach your Everest. The Investing of badges was certainly the most important part and was done with the invocation of the almighty as the choir chanted from religious texts and hymns. The members of the Core Council and House Captains and Vice Captains were vested with their respective badges by the Chief Guest, Brig Arvind Kumar , Principal –Ms. Archana Shrivastava and Vice Principal- Ms, Prantika Basu. The students also took an oath to serve the council with utmost sincerity and responsibility and always uphold the precepts of the school. PTA Awards were also given to the deserving students in the fields of Scholastic, Co-Scholastic, All Rounder and Progressive Improvement. The President’s Address definitely encouraged and pumped the spirits of the council and the students who one day may stand there too. The cultural programme continued with our talented dramatists presented a street play on the apathy of the society towards social evils, it lent an enlightening thought in the audience and implored the leaders to also remember their duties and not merely exert power always. This was followed by the dance performance by our graceful damsels who through their folk dance presented an essential idea that one must celebrate their victories and ensure that positive attitude prevails, because with every dark cloud comes a silver lining. The Secretary of the council delivered the vote of thanks and expressed her gratitude to everyone who worked, gathered and encouraged them. The significant day came to an end with the national anthem being sung by all.



Farewells are mostly sad and heartbreaking for s, but one can’t do without as only when you leave only then you arrive.

It was an eventful and unforgettable day on 8th April 2022, when students of Class XII were a given a grand farewell by the present Class XII students.

The day saw a melting pot of emotions, as children crooned songs celebrating friendship and nudging all into nostalgia. The XII students went back in time as they witnessed a journey of their school life through a musical play . What is a function without the right vibes? So to add that vibe and glitter , students performed a dance on a mashup of songs that dominate the millennial world today.

One cannot forget the prestigious Mr. & Ms. EPS, which consisted of rounds that assessed the students on personality, presence and spontaneity.

The popular dudes and divas were



Opportunity is labelled best when benefits flow and those who know this are a step closer towards the fulfilment of their dreams. East Point School organised a carnival of opportunities for the students to grab from on 24th February 2022, with its first ever Career Fair.The students got to choose from a plethora of universities and courses that would help them navigate to their ambition. The day stayed glittered with the presence of parents, members of management and PTA and most importantly the inquisitive students. We wish to hold multiple events of such kind to let our children pilot to their dreams.

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