Field Trips And Excursion

Field Trips And Excursion

"Doll Museum Excursion: Cultures Explored!"

The Nursery class students at East Point School had an enriching outing to the ‘Doll Museum’,  experiencing a captivating display of dolls representing diverse cultures and their traditional attire. It was an educational and delightful adventure for our young explorers, broadening their horizons beyond the classroom.


“We don’t have to look far to find treasures, we discover them every time we visit a library”.
And to discover one such treasure students of Class XII went to visit the “British Council Library”. It helped them to explore new ideas and understand the importance of libraries and reading habits.

Sci-Adventures at NP

Students of Class IX-XII from East Point School delved into the realm of scientific research at the National Physical Laboratory on Oct 4, 2023. Accompanied by two dedicated teachers, Mr. Deepak Sharma (PGT-Chemistry) and Mr. Santosh Kumar Singh (TGT-Science), they explored different research departments, witnessed live scientific experiments, and engaged with expert scientists, gaining valuable insights into the world of physics and metrology. This visit was a catalyst for their curiosity, inspiring them to consider exciting careers in scientific research.

Educational Visit to India Meteorological Department

The Social Science Department of East Point School organised an educational trip to the India Meteorological Department on September 29, 2023. Class XI students, along with two faculty members, embarked on this enlightening journey. 📚🌍 Prior to the visit, students engaged in pre-visit activities, preparing their practical files. The trip itself was a testament to their genuine interest and enthusiasm for meteorology, weather forecasting, and climate science. The students actively interacted with meteorologists and staff, displaying curiosity and eagerness to grasp the nuances of meteorological operations. 🤔🌤️ They were captivated by the various instruments used for data collection and real-time weather forecasting processes. Beyond the educational aspect, the students showcased a profound understanding of meteorology’s broader implications, including disaster management, agriculture, and environmental conservation. 🌪️🌾🌎 Their active participation, inquisitiveness, and passion for knowledge during the visit were commendable. This trip not only provided educational insights but also ignited a genuine passion for meteorology and related fields. Their enthusiasm is promising, hinting at potential future careers and contributions to the field of meteorology. 🌟🌦️

The Educational Odyssey: Unveiling History at the Red Fort

On the 22nd of September, 2023, East Point School organized an enlightening educational trip for Class VII students to the magnificent Red Fort in Delhi, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Accompanied by their teachers Mr Aasim, Ms Richa Srivastava, Ms Tabassum Moeen and Ms Priyanka Naudiyal, the students embarked on a fascinating journey by bus around 4:30 pm. The Red Fort, an architectural marvel constructed by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in 1648, stands as a jewel in India’s historical legacy. As the students arrived, a representative guide led them through the Lahori gate, and the awe-inspiring red sandstone structure left them spellbound. The bustling Chatta Bazaar added to the invigorating experience. Inside, they explored museums showcasing artifacts, weapons, clothing, and photographs from the Mughal period, including a worn-down shirt worn by the last Mughal Emperor, Bahadur Shah Zafar, during the tumultuous days of 1857. This shirt, considered holy and sent from Mecca for the Mughals’ good fortune, was later discovered within the fort premises after Bahadur Shah Zafar had to flee during the British reconquest of Delhi. A projection displayed the fort’s map, including the halls of public and private audience (‘Diwan-e-Aam’ and ‘Diwan-e-Khas’), and a virtual presentation of the Kohinoor diamond that once adorned the Peacock Throne. The students were eager to learn about the Mughal era and enthusiastically explored the museum’s replicas of Mughal clothing and a menu detailing the emperors’ food platter. Another captivating display was the representation of Chatta Bazaar, a roofed bazaar from the 17th century, complete with an actor dressed as a shopkeeper of that era. The museum tour concluded at the “unity room,” where the sacrifices of freedom fighters were honoured, leaving a powerful impact on the young minds. Following the museum visit, the students were taken to the cafeteria on the ground floor. The highlight of the trip was the virtual ‘Jai Hind’ show within the museum—a thrilling walk-through experience that captivated the students for 6-7 minutes with its engaging introductory segment. Subsequently, the students eagerly attended the ‘Jai Hind’ show at 7:00pm, a one-hour spectacle divided into three parts, each held at different parts of the fort. The students were mesmerized by the show, and it proved to be an enriching and informative experience, leaving them brimming with a sense of pride and a newfound appreciation for India’s historical heritage. The trip provided not only fun and photo opportunities but also an invaluable learning experience, making it a memorable outing for all.

The Educational Odyssey: Unveiling History at the Red Fort

The little ones from KG had an excursion trip to Bal Bhawan as an extension to classroom learning. It was a fun filled day, with these bundles of joy getting a first hand exposure not only to the rich and vibrant cultural heritage of our country through the various graffiti and paintings but also experiencing the rich flaura and fauna and wildlife by visiting the mini zoo and aquarium.


Outstation trips provide a break from the regular school routine and offer a refreshing change of environment. Students have the opportunity to step out of their comfort zones, try new activities, and take a break from academics. 
Therefore, an outstation trip to Chopta for 5 days and 4 nights was planned for students of Class VI-XII. Chopta is known as the “Mini Switzerland of India” and is a popular destination for trekking enthusiasts. Students embarked on treks to nearby attractions such as Tungnath, Chandrashila, and Deoria Tal. Trekking not only promoted physical fitness but also taught students valuable lessons about perseverance, resilience, and teamwork.
Through activities like camping, bonfire and their interaction with locals students learnt about the Himalayan ecosystem, climate patterns, and the impact of human activities on mountain environments. They also gained insights into local traditions, culture, and the way of life in the mountainous regions.
Students throughout the trip experienced adrenaline-pumping adventures while learning about risk assessment, safety measures and teamwork.

Goethe-Institut Visit

A cohort of enthusiastic students from our school embarked on a memorable visit to Goethe-Institut/ Max Mueller Bhavan on 25th August 2023. They attended the workshop on the topic 

“Kreative Köpfe”. They explored exciting activities, including a cool treasure hunt! The institute orchestrated a captivating experience where language acquisition met creative resourcefulness. Under the expert guidance of the institute’s language instructors, the students delved into the world of German expression through a dynamic song-based activity. This activity not only fine-tuned their pronunciation but also introduced them to diverse emotional articulations in the language. Moreover, the visit’s highlight was the students’ engagement with German emotion vocabulary in crafting bookmarks. Each student skillfully incorporated emotion-related words into their designs. In conclusion, the visit to the Goethe Institut offered an immersive platform for students to broaden their linguistic horizons. By intertwining linguistic skill development with creativity, the institute enabled the students to delve into German expression in a novel and impactful manner.

NCC Annual Training Camp

A Combined Annual Training Camp was organized by 1DELHI GIRLS BATTALION NCC, KASHMERE GATE Delhi from 5th May to 14th May 2023 at DGNCC CARIAPPA PARADE GROUND DELHI CANT.  The training aimed at making the cadets trained enough to face different challenges and to face any situation come what may.

41 Cadets along with 2nd officer ANO Kanchan Kanojiya from our school participated in the camp.Since it’s inception

, the cadets were trained under the table guidance of Commanding Officer Col Pankaj Sati along with PI staff, GCI and ANOs from different schools and colleges, ably trained in FIRING, PT, YOGA, theory classes and also cultural activities. 570 cadets from different schools and colleges participated in the camp.

Various events were organized at the camp like   Marching drill, Extempore, Fashion Show and other Cultural & Sports activities.

Our school secured 3rd position in Marching Drill,2nd position in Group song and 2nd position in Solo singing.

The cadets learnt the true meaning of Patriotism, unity, discipline, integrity, decision making, adaptability, mental toughness and positive attitude in the camp which is the ultimate motto of NCC