Field Trips And Excursion

Field Trips And Excursion


“Learning not only happens in the classroom. It’s also in eating, going outside and putting your clothes on. Everything is a learning opportunity.”
The NIE members of Class VI got an opportunity to visit Barbeque Nation. The students were welcomed and treated with great hospitality by Barbeque Nation’s staff. The team shared many basic but informative things with our students which included dining etiquettes, names and usage of cutlery items, segregation of cutlery for veg and non-veg food, ethics of working in the kitchen, equipment/tools and different machines used in commercial kitchens. To make this visit a more joyous and unforgettable one, the students were encouraged to showcase their talent(s) for which they were given crowns👑. This was followed by the serving of mouth-watering starters for everyone. At last, all the students got certificates and coupons for their visit.
It was indeed a delightful learning experience for our students.


Every moment helps to accumulate experience. Competition is never limited to being first, second or third rather it is an event where everyone can share their views and ideas. Keeping this positive approach in mind students of Class VI-XII participated in Sit and Draw Contest organised by National Science Centre, on the topic of NUCLEAR SCIENCE. The theme of the programme was ‘Atom for Peace’ and was organized in association with Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited (NPCIL), a Public Sector Enterprise under the administrative control of the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE), Govt. of India.


Field trip to Nehru Planetarium gave an opportunity to Class V students to reinforce experiential and contextual learning. They joined a magical tour to witness the galaxies, orbits, shooting stars and various constellations.The students saw the amazing visuals of the movement of planets and learnt about Earth’s revolution and rotation.They also learnt about the different atmosphere of different planets. This experience was a big pit of excitement for the students to learn and enhance their learning by making real world connections.