MRS.SAROJ TIKKU (Educationist)

I have spent my teaching years mainly in three schools ,Mater Dei convent School,(8years as teacher) ,The British school (20 years as Teacher ,,Deputy principal and Head of A levels  )and after retirement as college counsellor at Vasant valley School .I have joined the Management committee  of East Point School after that .
In terms of experience ,I have worked as a teacher  ,Head of A levels (chemistry is my subject and was instrumental in setting up the British School labs) .I became the Head of A levels and the College Counsellor in due course of time after attending a few courses in UK and US .I have had the good fortune of placing some students in Oxford ,Cambridge ,MIT ,Stanford ,Yale and many other colleges .As Deputy Principal I used to sit on the Managing Committee meetings when the Principal  was away on leave .Being at these different schools has added to my understanding and methodology of teaching in different courses  and marking examination papers at IGCSE and ISC levels . Among the conferences attended by me are Counsellors work shop in US ,
marking papers in Oxford , Science Conference in the  UK .On the whole being in these different Schools added to my understanding of various adolescent years and handling these youngsters in their  respective programmes .
In conclusion ,I must say that I may have added to their development as a student ,as an adolescent/ young adult of a different generation but I have my self grown in many  ways and some of them are still on FB/Instagram and mail with me .Before closing I would like to add that our Indian students are extremely bright ,hard working and keen 0n learning new things and I am sure we will always have  brilliant people in our country .

Saroj Tikku