We at East Point School engaged students in a crucial awareness campaign about rabies through compelling posters and informative videos. The posters highlighted key facts about rabies, its transmission, prevention, and the importance of responsible pet ownership. The videos showcased real-life scenarios, emphasising the dangers of rabies and urging responsible actions such as pet vaccinations and immediate medical attention in case of exposure. This approach aimed to educate students and encourage responsible behaviour towards both animals and their own safety.


As a part if collaborative learning, East Point School conducted an activity under the guidance of Ms. Prantika Sarkar Basu with Food And Technology dept. of Shaheed Rajguru College. Ms Pravjyot coordinated for the same from Shaheed Rajguru College. It was based on the topic ‘Agriculture’ (Geography) of the Class XII curriculum.

After welcoming the gathering, Class XII students gave the  presentation highlighting need and importance of agriculture, different types of farming and discussed about major crops of India.

Later, as part of experiential learning, students were taught to utilise kitchen waste to make disinfectants using lemon peels, jaggery and water. They also learnt to make biodegradable film by using corn flour, refined flour, glycerol and vinegar. Students were given knowledge about the concept of packaging too. Over all, it was a good learning session for the students and they correlated the topic with real world situation in a better way.


Choices may seem to be a privilege but we must handle them with extreme caution as what we choose can lead to consequences that can never be retracted.

With this said, an orientation was organised for the students and parents for Class XI to help and guide them  to choose the desired subjects and stream.
The session conducted by our counsellor Ms. Meghna Tyagi, not only explained the audience about the availability of subjects but also what must one choose that brings out the best in them.
She also threw light of various creative and alternative careers, thus encouraging students to widen their spectrum.
Ms. Meghna Tyagi also addressed vital questions of the students and parents and guided them to the plausible choices.
The session ended with the principal Ms. Archana Shrivastava, sharing her words of wisdom to enhearten the students and parents. 
The motive of our school is clearly to let each wing find its appropriate flight and give it time to reach its own sky.