East Point school always believes that parents and school should work together as partners to give good care and support for holistic development of the children. To achieve this goal we organised a small rendezvous session “COFFEE WITH COUNCELOR” on the topic PARENTS AS PARTNERS IN EDUCATION. Parents participated enthusiastically following CAB(COVID appropriate behaviour) protocols. They also took a round of creative corner and Mont lab to understand the integration of it’s equipment’s to foster the learning process.

Class X Parents Orientation (Stream Selection)

A workshop was organized on 20th January 2018 for class x student’s parents on stream selection in class 11th. The session was conducted by the academic incharge Ms. Mamta Agarwal and the school coordinator Ms. Meghna.
Parents were addressed by showing a presentation and stream selection forms were distributed after that. Ms. Meghna addressed the parents and gave them information about the aptitude test conducted for class x students. The components of the aptitude test discussed the key areas which are as follows:-
     1.   Role of parents in selection of stream of their child
     2.   Stages to successful career planning.
     3.   The various career opportunities both irrespective and respective to all streams and the courses that will help in pursuing those opportunities.
Ms. Mamta addressed the parents by discussing about:
     1.   The stream selection form, the eligibility for taking up different streams available and the various subjects in each stream
     2.   Examination schedule of class XI for the year ‘18-‘19 Mode of assessment in class XI

Ms. Meghna threw light on the key areas where parent’s cooperation would be needed for the best results of their child’s academic and overall performance. Expectation from students were also discussed. Parents were made aware about the special effort made by the school to enhance learning in students and the special programmes that are conducted for enhancement of skills in students.
Parents were made aware about all the faculty members who would be part of all the three streams in class XI. In the end there was a question answer session and the results of the aptitude test were disclosed to the parents along with the streams suggested to their ward.

Class X Orientation

A workshop was organized for class 10th on the topic “How to Prepare for Class 10th Boards” and “The Selection of Stream in class 11th. The session was conducted by the Academic In charge Mamta Ma’am and the school Counselors  Meghna Tyagi , Nitika Mehra. Students were addressed by showing a presentation and a video after that. Mamta ma’am addressed the students and gave crucial tips for preparation for exams. She also advised the students to be in constant touch with all the subject teachers and seek advice from them. Meghna ma’am gave exam preparation tips to students comprising of all the necessary aspects like time management, goal setting, effective study schedule and importance of planning their days and weeks ahead. Students were informed about various techniques that can help them prepare well like note making, mind maps, using visuals, diagrams, flowcharts etc. which can help them learn and retain concepts for a longer time. She also advised students to eliminate time wasters from their life and concentrate on effective studies. They were also explained about having the right diet, setting their body clock right and to practice meditation and exercise to keep exam stress and anxiety at bay. Students were also made aware of the exam day tips so that there is no confusion or issue on the board exam days for students. A brief up about Aptitude Test and its purpose was also explained to the students. The strategy for effective stream selection was shared with the students and they were introduced to the various career options that are there in every stream after class 12th.. The students were also encouraged to share their doubts and queries with parents and teachers without hesitation.  A video was shown to the students about dealing with exam stress and various techniques to prepare for exams. In the end there was a question-answer session and the students put forward their doubts and queries. Their questions were addressed and some of them would also approach for individual counseling later on.


Parent Orientation Class XI

On 26.07.17 parents of Class XI were attended the orientation program in AV Room conducted by Ms. Mamta Aggarwal and Ms. Meghna about the future ready mission which the school strived for .

Parent Orientation Class X

On 24.07.17 Class X parents attended the orientation program in AV Room conducted by Ms. Seema Dixit and Ms. Meghna about the different steps school has taken to improve the academics of students.

Parent Orientation Class IX

On 21.07.17 Class IX parents attended the orientation program in AV Room conducted by Ms. Mettilda and Ms. Meghna about the changes in the current academic session incorporated by CBSE.