The Primary wing (classes I to V) witnessed finesse at its best with their superb performances at the Jr. Sports Meet 2023-24. The enthusiasm was at its peak and the excitement was resonating with the environment. The young athletes, beating the cold, showed what it means to be a true sportsperson. Way to go our Primary kiddos.

Learning the fun way...

Practical experiments not only clarify scientific concepts but also make learning fun. Class 5 students used simple materials like paper, bendy straws, scissors, and tape to make a ball levitate—learning about Bernoulli’s principle in the process.

Women's Day


With the Women’s Day approaching, the students of our school were involved in a painting and poster making activity organised by New Ashok Nagar Police Department in collaboration with East Point School. The day saw young talented crafters working on their masterpieces on the theme of Women Empowerment.
Needless to mention that the output was simply splendid and impactful. Our Principal, Ms. Archana Shrivastava encouraged and congratulated the students.