With the current scenario, technology has come to be a prerequisite to each event or practice in school, hence being arrayed with the technical knowledge is imperative. A training session was facilitated by Adobe partner 1M1B whereupon the teachers were exposed to the enriching and    exquisite tool – ADOBE EXPRESS . The application elicited the agenda of honing creativity skills to make classroom teaching more engaging Teachers of all disciplines could gain from a platform like this in which one can create webpages, presentations, videos, etc. with the ease of simple  clicks. The demonstration given by the resource person included a hands on trial by each teacher which was later shared for reference and feedback.  The times are changing by the blink of an eye and so it becomes important for the teachers to know how lessons can be presented through novel ways. This application lets one remix the already existing files and create interesting and unique designs that appeal to the learners.  Towards the end of the workshop, teachers were asked to complete the Adobe online certification to get a certificate.



Growth is determined when learning takes flight through understanding and application.

The teachers of East Point School believe in learning more than teaching and for that one needs to be armoured with worthwhile knowledge. And so they consistently indulge in workshops and seminars.A workshop was organised with the above agenda in mind, on the topic GROWTH MINDSET VS FIXED MINDSET on 27th June 2022 by an advantageous resource person Ms. Liza Roy Malik in school for our teachers. Ms. Liza, who is currently the Principal of Shriram School Tohana Haryana, has been conferred with Maulana Azad Excellence in Education Award and has conducted and organised myriad workshops and seminars. The workshop which was optimally placed, threw light on the urgency to embrace growth mindset that equips one to project a successful self chart of progress.

Ms. Liza  ably guided  to shift the mindset from a stagnant to a more thriving one , through interaction and exemplars.The teachers were grateful to the resource person as the content of the workshop was meaningful and enriching.