Empowering Education - An Insightful Workshop on Active Learning

East Point School proudly hosted a capacity-building workshop focused on ‘Active Learning’ on February 27, 2024, catering to educators from various institutions. Representing East Point School were Ms. Ekta, Ms. Prachi, Mr. Anshul and Ms Seema Dixit as overall coordinator. Renowned resource persons, Ms. Vandana Banga, a Dale Carnegie-certified education consultant with over two decades of experience, and Dr. Veena Mishra, Principal of National Victor Public School and CBSE City Coordinator, led the instructional sessions. The workshop commenced with a ceremonial lamp lighting by Ms. Banga and our esteemed principal, Ms Archana Shrivastava, followed by a captivating dance performance titled ‘Swagatam’ by our talented students. Ms. Banga initiated the workshop with an engaging introductory activity outdoors, fostering camaraderie among teachers and familiarising them with the concept of active learning. Interactive activities continued throughout the day, facilitating a deeper understanding of active learning’s principles. In the latter half of the workshop, Dr. Mishra joined Ms. Banga to provide practical strategies complementing the theoretical insights shared earlier. To conclude the event, teachers presented lesson plans incorporating workshop concepts, receiving invaluable feedback from the resource persons. Guest teachers enjoyed rejuvenating tea breaks and a delectable lunch, complemented by the artistic decorations courtesy of the Arts Department, showcasing East Point School’s hospitality. Many guest teachers expressed gratitude and praised the school’s efforts, affirming the workshop’s significance in igniting fresh ideas. This workshop undoubtedly serves as a testament to East Point School’s commitment to educational excellence.


The first day of the workshop was marked by enthusiastic participation from students in classes V to IX, as they delved into the world of Arduino coding. The event was made even more special by the collaboration of Kumar Utkarsh, a dedicated school alumnus who is currently pursuing his BTech degree at DTU. 

Utkarsh’s involvement in this academic exchange brought a unique blend of knowledge and experience to the workshop. His background in BTech studies at DTU added a layer of real-world application to the learning process, inspiring the young students to explore coding and technology with a practical perspective.

The workshop provided an interactive platform for the students to engage with Arduino coding concepts. They learned to create and manipulate code, turning their ideas into functional projects. Utkarsh’s presence not only added value through his technical insights but also served as a source of inspiration, showcasing the potential of what they could achieve through continued learning and dedication.

Workshop on the Life of an Entrepreneu

East Point School in collaboration with Your First StartUp (Vertical of Rebliss Academy), conducted a workshop on the Life of an Entrepreneur for our Grade 11 students. Entrepreneurship isn’t just about starting companies; it is a skillset and a way of thinking.
The session aimed to help the students identify their strengths by inculcating the knowledge of Real-World Skills necessary to be a successful entrepreneur. During the session, Mr Shiv Kumar share his personal experience as an entrepreneur and created awareness about the challenges faced by an entrepreneur. He emphasized the “key skills required to being entrepreneur, what is the biggest challenge as an entrepreneur and Pre-Startup and Post-Startup factors for success”.
The students were taken on an entrepreneurial journey by discussing
– Ideation and validation techniques
– Problem identification
– Market Research and Product Launch
After the session Q&A session was held, students asked many questions regarding the startup ecosystem and they cleared their doubts in a conversation with Mr Shiv Kumar (Founder of Rebliss Academy).
It was the first of its kind session where many students expressed interest to start their startup and were happy to know about ways to convince the Investor & Mentors for Funding & Mentoring their projects.

Mock Model United Nations (MUN)

MUN sessions provide an excellent platform for students to make new friends, network, and collaborate with other students from diverse backgrounds. They offer students the opportunity to connect with peers who share similar interests and passions and foster relationships that can last beyond the conference. These friendships and connections can help students build professional networks that can be valuable in their future careers and personal lives.
Therefore, on 19th May, a Mock Model United Nations (MUN) session was held, which saw the participation of various committees, including the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), Lok Sabha, and All India Political Parties Meet (AIPPM). The session aimed to simulate a real UN conference, and the participants took on the roles of delegates from various countries to discuss and resolve global issues related to security, human rights, political parties, and legislation. 

The Judge of UNHRC, Mr Vaibhav Chitkara, played a crucial role in moderating the discussions and guiding the committee towards creating productive and constructive solutions for human rights issues. Meanwhile, Lok Sabha was chaired by Mr Anurag Pandey, who managed the parliamentary procedures and ensured that the discussions remained focused on key issues such as religious extremism and matters of national concern. The committee was able to pass several resolutions that addressed these issues and received positive feedback from the judges. In the AIPPM committee, Mr Sankalp Jha and Mr Namit Chitkara acted as judges and monitored the discussions regarding various political issues like National Security and Sedition law. The delegates put forth their views and ideas on these topics and worked towards creating solutions that would benefit the country as a whole.

The participants were praised by the judges for their exceptional performance and hard work. The judges also offered constructive criticism that would help the participants to improve further.  
The proud winners of different committees are:

1. Aarav Rawat
2. Yash Tripathi 3. Shreya Gupta (2419)
1. Vaibhavi Shah
2. Anvi Bisht and Jhansi Chawla
3. Vihan Verma
1. Vanshika Singh (Assistant MUN Secretary)
2. Aman Mishra
3. Hitaishi Biswas
Lok Sabha
1. Prakhar Chaturvedi
2. Anshika Pokhriyal
3. Shirish Rawat

Overall, it was a great success, allowing participants to hone their debating and negotiation skills. They gained deeper understanding of international affairs and hence improved their knowledge of parliamentary procedures.


It has rightly been said that the right guidance at the right time can do wonders for a child. In pursuit of the same, East Point School in collaboration with HT City and the Institute of Management Studies, Noida conducted a workshop on CUET and Other Career Options for our Grades 11 and 12 students.
The workshop was conducted by Mr Siddharth Singhal from IMS, Noida. Mr Siddharth has been working in the field of Education and counselling for the last 19 years and has delivered 600+ career counselling sessions across the country.
The aim of the workshop was to create awareness about CUET, its relevance and how and when students can start preparing for the entrance examination. The broad areas covered during the workshop were:
– Information about CUET, 2023
– Examination Structure for CUET
– Broad features of CUET (Language, Subject Specific Domain and General Test)
– List of Popular Universities Accepting CUET
– Application Process
– Selection Criteria
– Information about Management and Law Programmes
– Preparation skills for CUET
The facilitator also conducted an aptitude test by the end of the session. All the queries of the students were addressed later in the Q&A session. The session concluded with a vote of thanks by Ms Richa.
It was a beneficial session for the students as they learned the necessary information regarding admissions in light of the New Education Policy (NEP).